Can’t seem to boot from external usb drive – XPS 15 boe , Nov 6, at 6: No Too Bad… Now? Damn… Too Much Problems fiji Mine sounds like that too – like an airplane taking off and I can hear the disc vibrating. I never got any error message like you though. You may have to extract out the audio of the original file and convert it separately.

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Was there some error message?

TSSTCORP CD DVD Blu Ray Burners and Firmwares downloads

Any suggestions on what to do? If you can take out the drive on your own then you can ask them to send a new drive for you.

So from now on, i am trying not to update it because it works for me now. As I said, I changed mine prior to reinstalling XP. The newest firmware made the TSST drive even worst Log in or Sign up.

I seriously doubt this would help. And welcome to our forums. Titan GT80 not booting off a clone drive 2.


XPS 1340 DVD drive slow, making weird noises

I used Adobe Premiere Elements 3. How to apply color correction using the Gradie I’m wondering if you might have a audio format mismatch that is not DVD compliant. I had the good old dead drive blink. It makes a weird scratching noise with most discs – almost like a power saw cutting through wood – and it rips CD audio at 1.

XPS DVD drive slow, making weird noises | NotebookReview

It was a really good idea to disconnect the computer totally. I had a TSST optical drive before. How Do You Do That? You can reinstall that software later, if you need it.

Loud buzzing sound when playing a DVD burned from my new Dell XPS – VideoHelp Forum

Does yours constantly make the noise? Additionally, uninstall any software that installed virtual drives and make sure, no disc is inserted.

Well, I was thinking about the configuration of these modern SATA controllers, not about dead drives. I would try this: Then it was dead after a few months. Can’t seem to boot from external usb drive – XPS 15 boeNov 6, at 6: However the dell teach replaced it with a LG one and it seems a little bit better I wonder if this is how the slot loaders run.


If the Samsung flasher refuses to flash the drive, you might try a forced flash as described in the FAQ see my sig for link.

If I get the drive replaced, will I have to send the laptop in? Turned out to be a problem during capture. Also, there might be controller issues.

How to record anything on your screen using th Think you also got a recovery CD with your box. Note, some emulating software might hide drive from being seen, even by flasher.

Uninstall whatever you can and begin from scratch. Any doubts about that you better reflash with Intel chipset drivers from Dell homepage; link.