Thanks for the link but I have tried to download driver from USA, Hong Kong, and many other sites but after installing the driver, it looks like the Mac is spooling data to the printer, but it never comes out from the printer. No more flipping the page, just flipping a switch. Home copier-parts mx n sharp Sharp USA is more than a document system, they are a solution designed to make printing simple. I know whoever using computer should have a logical mind but this really doesn’t sound logical AT ALL!!! The printer application allows you to distribute scanned documents, lower printing costs through hard copy control, andkeep your information confidential.

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Instead, from the three Icons at the top of that panel choose “IP”. Sharp Above sheets Photocopier.

Printer: Sharp MXN | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

This is not likely to be a driver problem. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Thank you very much for your time, I think I am giving up on this. Give the Queue a meaningful mnemonic name, as that is what you will suarp when you go to Print.

May 25, 7: If you are looking for a printer that mx2314h be easy to set-up, and operate and maintain, a Sharp printer is the printer for you.

First, you need to have its IP address in hand, because it must be entered manually during the setup process. But if it were, using the “generic Postscript” driver would get you some printed pages, but not all the whiz-bang features.


Even the latest 1.

It will likely select “generic Postscript” for you. The printer driver seems to be communicating with the printer but it is not spooling the print file to the printer or the spool file got lost somewhere, or the spool file ended up in the printer which is not recognisable by the printer and so it came out with the Data blinking light.

I understand that many other Mac users are having similar situation. May 26, I have done every ways that you can think of, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

I tried downloading from different Sharp website but was never able to download a printer driver shrp I can work with the company’s Sharp MX printer.

Sharp may be a strange animal to Mac. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

If you shwrp a small office and you are looking for a photocopier to fit into a small space, Sharp models are what you can consider. The box labeled “Location” is a text description of where in your building the printer can be found, such as “outside the President’s office”. The screen also confirms the settings before scanning, copying, or saving the documents to the hard disk that it comes with.

Sharp MX N Desktop Photocopier Price, Specification & Features| Sharp Photocopier on Sulekha

Currently no service providers are available in Fremont. Ask a question Reset. It will never be right! May 27, 6: It is also an affordable choice and works with A3 papers only. Thanks for your time in this anyway hsarp I am almost giving up with this.


Posted on May 23, 6: The printer uses an assigned IP address on the network and so that is the IP address I used for setting up the printer.

The printer is connected to a WIFI router using a lan cable. I like HP where they provide the universal driver that works for most of their printers. You can change that to the Queue name mx2314 you prefer.

The printer spooling dialogue box is showing the communication with printer but it just finished there without any printout coming out from printer. The Sharp DX U Desktop Photocopier is a great choice for small offices though its features and functions make it suitable for usage in large corporate as well. My Macbook is definitely connected to the printer in order to make the Data light blinking, but no printout comes out.

While copiers and printers have been evolving in the recent years, so has the complexity of these printer systems.