Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Brand Post Forex Trading Software: Cons Some discolouration was noticeable in the greyscale. Color temperature, tracking clock and phase , brightness, contrast, and gamma levels can all be tweaked via the OSD. Overall, image quality was impressive.

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Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Overall, for everyday tasks, this Flatron is well-suited. I need power and lots of it. Overall though, the screen isn’t bad for viewing photos.

The LWTQ l226wt a bright, sharp picture with a good balance of dark-black and bright-white levels, thanks to a high dynamic contrast ratio 3, If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money.

The LG Flatron LWTQ-BF delivers a very sharp picture, excellent color quality, and a lightning-fast pixel response, but its handling of light-gray shading is mediocre at best.

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LG Flatron L226WTQ-BF

Overall, image quality was impressive. Testing at Kelvin, which we found to be the most realistic setting, the greyscale was laced with a br tinge.

Fortunately, the flaws didn’t affect color quality. It’s worth noting that most LCD monitors of this size have a contrast ratio of under 1, Become a fan of PCMag. We had to l226wrq it down in order to get a more natural image.


Its image quality wasn’t perfect straight off the bat; it packed a little too much contrast, which made the monitor’s colours look overly rich.

With its piano-black cabinetry framed by an ultrathin matte-black bezel, the LWTQ will dress up the drabbest of desks. Another takes you to the f-Engine screen, where you can choose one of three preprogrammed image settings for specific applications: The text quality in Windows’ menus and labels was sharp and clean. The brightness was also very high, which makes it an ideal monitor for viewing in a brightly-lit room, but it can be tiring in a dark environment.

Extra features are scarce on this display, but it’s more than capable of meeting your everyday work needs. The monitor showed no signs of ghosting or background noise, and l226wtq play was as smooth as can be.

Cons Some discolouration was noticeable in the greyscale. L226wrq excellent motion performance and sharp image quality make it a good choice for after-hours activities, too. Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. One of the buttons is used to invoke the auto-adjust function. I also noticed a slight problem with dark grays.

LG LWTQ-BF Monitor – 22 Widescreen LCD Monitors – LG Electronics SA

I tried it on a system with an nVidia GeForce GT in both digital and analog modes and could not get it to work. L226wwtq we made the adjustments, the monitor produced good results, but there were still a couple of niggly problems.


Tests with photographs showed shadowed details and dark areas quite well, but bright areas with subtle colours looked ever-so-slightly washed out. The monitor had no trouble displaying small fonts, and colors were vivid and uniform across the scale with no evidence of tinting. Bottom Line For everyday tasks, this Flatron is well-suited.

The greyscale tests in DisplayMate showed some discolouration in the darker levels of grey, which we couldn’t remove by changing the colour temperature or luminance of the screen. We also had l226wrq turn this setting down. It doesn’t produce a perfect image, but it does a serviceable job of displaying images and movies.

It lacks USB ports and its stand isn’t height-adjustable; it only allows for tilting and swivelling.