In general we were delighted with unedited images printed straight from the card. Anyone can make beautiful prints quickly and easily. Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper. Our old workhorse dye sub requires us to handle each sheet of paper. Personally, we could sit in front of our monitor for days playing around with a single image, printing it several hundred times to capture just the right effect, like a sort of Giacometti of photo imaging, constantly revising the image as the subject itself varies.

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There are a number of kits available either phooto from the company or through your camera dealer. A coiled cord lets you handle the controller conveniently.

It also serves to monitor the progress of any firmware updates. This is the 4x2x4 sticker paper.

Even worse, if you or a loved one is allergic to computers, you can’t play digital. Yes, you can plug this pup into your USB port and print directly from your image editing software. Unless you’re in a dust-free environment, that can be a problem. Even with a USB cable attached, if your computer is off, the printer realizes you want to run it from the controller in standalone mode. Once in a while, you’ll want to clean paper dust off the feed transport rollers inside the printer, but that’s it.

Note that this scan was down-sampled to keep the download time reasonable but it still shows the prlnter quality of the PS. We have successfully reached different countries with our advanced photo printing solutions across the world to showcase our innovative power.

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Steve’s Conclusion October update: You can print 12 one-inch ID photos or 9 two-inch ID photos on a 4×6 sheet. These 4×6″ printers satisfy the needs of most digicam users because they rarely make prints larger than 4×6″ size anyway. But we managed to figure it out. Page one of the print driver has options for selecting the media type, setting the orientation, printing 2-inch ID photos, number of copies, enabling the Preview function and optionally adding a visible watermark Magic coating over the picture.

The company plans to outsource the project, we were told, but hadn’t yet found a Mac programmer. The idea is to mimic film by providing an inexpensive but prlnter medium. Because of its diminuitive size and weight you can printre it with you and print your pictures anywhere – without need of a computer. We really liked the cassette. All of these small photos peel off and have a self-adhesive backing to let you stick them wherever you want.

Hi-Ti has now made available Mac OS You can scale the image up or down as desired and even color tone the entire image with the preset buttons. Functions available include Move, Rotate not jiti necessaryResize and Copies. There is a set of images to pick the optimal skin tone, but we really couldn’t tell one from the other.

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HiTi Digital – Hi-Touch Imaging Technology Innovation

Page three displays the printer’s firmware version, serial number and release date. 6630ps and tear the print along the two perforated short edges and you have borderless prints.

February The trouble with getting into digital photography has always been getting prints. With gigabytes of storage, they’re something of an iPod for your photo collection.

Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper.

HiTi Hi-touch Imaging Technologies Photo Printer 630PS

We were delighted with the PS’s cartridge system, which simply slips into the generous bay that’s exposed when you press a button on the top of the printer.

The LCD on the controller displays a color menu of icons. The controller slips into a small holder on the side, which is also nicely designed.

Instead, you’re stuck with all these files. Initial setup is simple; unwrap and install the ribbon cartridge, load the paper cassette tray, plug in the power cord, connect the controller, turn it on and insert a memory card — you’re ready to print!

That big slot near the top is where the paper slides in and out during printing.