If you are only cutting letters and logos, why do you need it to contour cut? Nitewalker, my situation is pretty much the same as yours. Curently, I have the CR “cheapo” cutter, which I’ve learned to use very well, without any problems at all, except the now major handicap of not having a laser eye. Please read the following announcement: You have to ask yourself a question. Good luck to you and happy cutting. We all start out learning.

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I would keep my basic cutter for the basic jobs and buy the CE for special stuff. I have a Cut from imprintables I use on basic jobs, but most of the time it’s covered up as my backup.

Renewing this thread I’m also looking at getting the CE 40cm cutter width. Nitewalker, my situation is pretty much the same as yours.

I understand that this is probably one of the cheapest but very good quality cutters curently available with an optic eye, correct? April 3rd, Apr 3, 7: You could spend a little less and get a decent cutter from US Cutter that gtaphtec cut letters and logos, without the contour cutting.


I own a CE and find if great. Can’t cut with my new Graphtec CE Better to have a machine which prehaps does a bit more than you initially want than a machine which gives you no room to expand in the future.

With the money I saved buying the over the I bought a heat press. Morecambe Lancashire England Posts: So my questions are aimed more at the people who own a CE 40 or 60 – Is there anything that you regret braphtec buying this cutter?

Good luck to you and happy cutting.

Graphtec Ce5000-40 15” Craft Robo Pro Vinyl Cutter Plotter Signs Scrapbooking

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. No, I absolutely love my This is a totally optional field; if you like being on a first name basis, please enter your first name below: February 22nd, Feb 22, Quote message in reply?

I just have to decline too many jobs becuase of this. Last question would therefor be: You can cut smaller on the 60 but you cant cut larger on the I would also like to begin resin coating the decals Resin Doming. I’ve pretty much decided to get the February 6th, Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window.


I hope this helps. It takes the vinyl rolls at mm which I use mostly. We all start out learning. You can call me: It is made by US Cutter.

Some people really like their more economic cutters because it provides exactly what they need, nothing more and really fits into their budget with alot more ease.

Graphtec Ce 15” Craft Robo Pro Vinyl Cutter Plotter Signs Scrapbooking | eBay

The printer can print up to 33cm so I can make beautiful printed decals in small series, but to cut them I need a cutter with the optic eye. Illustrator and RoboMaster Pro will be fine. April 2nd, Apr 2, 4: Apr 3, 7: