Thanks for your help! Hi Gerald, if you do it right then they are preserved. Keep in mind these are the steps that worked for me, your environment may vary. The developer needs to update the driver version to the lastet: Andreas Peetz December 30, at 2:

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Andreas Peetz March 30, at 4: Paul Maxwell September 22, at Saturday, August 18, Adding Realtek driver to vSphere 6.

That way will be super easy Like Like Reply. No issues here, the Realtek NIC and driver is still working. However, it is not recognized by the system as I still got the same error message “No Network Adapters” during installation.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yep, mine post was around ESXi 6. Andreas Peetz September 18, at Been looking for almost 2 hours before I found your tutorial.


Your post saved my day! Andreas Peetz December 30, at 2: Are you relying on some sort of proxy server for your Internet connection?


Andreas Peetz December 3, at 1: Andreas Peetz Realetk 9, at I will test it within the next days and let you know. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Can you try this from home or another unrestricted network? Core is not available as a module or snapin! Anonymous October 19, at I cannot seem to find the correct driver.

Andreas Peetz April 23, at 8: Your instructions have got ESXi 6.

Sysadmin Stories: Adding Realtek driver to vSphere image

Hi Gary, can you please send me an e-mail to info at v-front. Can I use it?

It looks like there is no compatible version of PowerCLI installed! PATH variables to Powercli – exists.

Adding Realtek /// based NICs to ESXi «

Can I use e driver to slipstream? An unexpected error occured: Hi Andreas, If i cant find the availabe nic driver for pic id: Hi Bart, this is a networking issue with your machine.


Andreas Peetz July 8, at 7: Jaroslav November 23, at First I needed to find the drivers. This might be a dumb question, but will netr and netr work on the latest 5.

Steve March 3, at 1: I have 4gb of ram 3.