Have you noticed I’ve been using the past tense here? I would suggest, unless you want to buy a Delorme navigation software product, that you abandon the Earthmate. Select type of offense: There is a sticky on the top of the Equipment topic http: I’m not sure where the problem is, driver, software,? Nov 25, Messages:

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I was able to install the Delorme Serial Emulator program on this mode, and got no no error messages. I wish to use sindows old Earthmate Model V 1.

One set of users’ tests suggest that the Magellan works fine in all the Trimble’s dead spots around the city. I have to qualify it because a number of users, including me, have encountered these bouts where the software and the GPS receiver suddenly stop communicating altogether for no obvious reason — the Diagnostics page just stops scrolling.

Have you noticed I’ve been using the past tense here? Garmin has some GPS receivers e. Their impression is that the Trimble insists on a high degree of accuracy, and when it can’t deliver that accuracy, it’s silent.

BUT this compatibility fix should have been a no-brainer for them to support their current customer base. The basic eTrex is relatively inexpensive but requires separate purchase of the data cableand they all have the advantages that they have a fairly long battery life and can also work as a standalone unit — they don’t have to be connected to the laptop.

I do have a spare XP laptop with the Delorme map that I use occasionally, so I’ll place the Earthmate in it’s bag. I did go ahead and ordered a Pharos GPS puck and will follow up with its performance. To date, no one has created a serial emulator that works with Vista 64 bit, nor for Windows 7, that actually works, even a little bit.

Last Drivers  AIR MPI350 DRIVER

Earthmate LT-20 GPS with WIN7?

So, when I updated the computer, I had to go with Vista there were no XP based laptops left on the market. About – Shows the version of the utility. Unfortunately, as far as he can tell, it does not emulate the serial port with the Garmin proprietary protocol.

Be aware that with many of the GPS receivers that support both serial and USB, getting the serial cable requires a separate purchase.

With literally millions of truckers wanting this, the decision makes no sense. Apr 8, Messages: I’ve personally used only the Magellan GPS receiver, an eartbmate model. Summary Thank goodness for the web and folks like CNET that gives us freedom to make helpful postings computerists in need. Locate DeLorme Serial Emulator1.

Earthmate USB GPS & 64 Bit Windows 7 – Laptop GPS World

Save the file to the desktop. This new one does work as a standalone unit and is supposed to have a longer battery life. No, create an account now. This isn’t critical, and it may not even matter, but without such a chipset, it’s likely to kt-20 difficulty maintaining a fix in low-signal conditions, such as urban canyons or under tree canopies.

Jeff, search requires at least four characters, but most of the old threads won’t show anyway because of the switch over in January. To download pre-recorded trip logs, you may use.


[SOLVED] Lt Delorme GPS how to make work in Ubuntu?

If you have experience with any of these units and can offer feedback that may benefit others, please let me knowand I’ll post it here. I’ve had hands-on experience earthmatw Tru-Traffic with a few different types of GPS receivers, and they’re not equal.

The LT was nice because it was small, got its power from the port, was more durable, and got a very rapid fix compared to the others. Disadvantages are that it could lg-20 only when connected to a computer, not as earthmte standalone unit, and its battery life was very short, making the power cable connector a virtual necessity.

Unfortunately, DeLorme has opted to not update the device emulator for bit OS’s, and does not have a Mac or Linux version, making it’s usefulness short-lived, and despite many thousands of requests. From DeLorme Publishing Co.: Dec 9, Messages: Like others on here I finally broke down and am moving all my computers to Windows 7 64 bit which presents a problem farthmate not only the Serial Emulator software but also the driver for the Earthmate in Windows 7.