I am a medium-core if there is such a thing gamer and was looking forward to see the gaming performance. It gets rather hot after extended use, especially near the right palm rest area, where I think the harddisk is located. Or maybe, I am just careless. Does it have an HDMI connection on it?? Excellent in my opinion, a Logitech product. The laptop is very quiet when running on the battery and when used for light tasks. Also, it is unfortunate that the webcam cannot swivel, turn nor zoom, so basically it can only see the user, some background and not much else.

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Asus A6Q00VM [Archive] – PC World Forums

There are no numbers specified by Asus on the website nor in the manual. The ASUS utility software, however leaves much to be desired. The redemption factor is that there is a separation between the ports, so there is a fair ease of multiple use. When you installed it, the Windows wizard would have popped up right?

drivers ASUS A6Q00Vm

DVD drive popped out view large image. It also sports a scroll at the side of 6aq00vm touchpad, easy and convenient to use yet does not azus normal use of the pad. I aaus yet to try out the customer support, and am hoping that I would not need them! It is a little on the heavy side 2. The hard drive does become hot, around 51 degrees when operating for some time, which makes the upper right side of the keyboard hotter than the one just above the CPU. I wanted to be different and yet not give up on quality and design, and ASUS laptops generally pretty much fit the bill.


The buttons look and feel great, and are stiff which I like as usual.

Next, the Hotkey software does not allow customization of software. Movies are viewable as long as the group huddles togheter to fit inside that degree range, otherwise depending on how far outside this zone they are it can become difficult to view or even impossible.

Noise, on the other hand is well taken care of. The color is a very dark grey and it makes the keyboard look somehow less sober than a black one would.

Or maybe, I am just careless. The mic comes with a noise suppression feature. The 2 year global warranty and the in-built webcam make travel a joy. Due to my need to travel to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the service centre very near my future residence. It does make talking over the internet so much faster and more enjoyable as it removes the need for an extra USB slot for the webcam and the need to connect an annyoing microphone.

The optical drive is as noisy as any other I have used, and I can never understand why. Super Pi results view large image.

In fact, mine came with Windows XP home!

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

It is plainly good-looking with a dark grey finish to the surface; generally I would think it appears very professional and macho. The memory card slot has a axus spring action, and is protected by a dummy card.


All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with a6q00fm publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. The COA sticker was kind enough to allow me to do so, and have no problem in activating it. Excellent in my opinion, a Logitech product. The suffix differentiates the configs of this notebook Q could be Q or Q etc. I am a medium-core if there is such a thing gamer and was looking forward to see the gaming performance.

With decent headphones though, this machine sounds above average. It is too flimsy and thin for my liking, providing just adequate protection at best and not much space to put anything else. Mine works with iTunes now.

Not much to look at, and not exactly good to use either. Heavy Too hot for lap use, and warm around palm area as well Extremely hot adapter Keys, buttons, and screen may be too firm for some Clustering of USB ports Poor ASUS a6q00vj for controlling webcam and shortcut keys Poor battery life No security features A6q00cm expresscard slot To summarize, the A6J is not a business notebook as touted, except for its looks.