A marked improvement from my Riva especially when your working at high resolutions. Napalm would have been unable to compete with the GeForce, so it was redesigned to support multiple chip configurations, like the Voodoo2 had. No problems with fast cpu’s as far as i know. You can fix this in the registry by simply clocking the alliance chip a bit slower. Any other known issues with voodoo’s? May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This page was last edited on 10 December , at

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Towards the end ofthe cost of EDO DRAM dropped significantly and 3Dfx was able to enter the consumer PC hardware market with aggressive pricing compared to the few previous 3D graphics solutions chipest computers. Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from December Views Read Edit View history.

This is the only card that has a vga and dvi connection, and dvi works on pc when flashed with the right bios.

Some info per card, Voodoo graphics voodoo1: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Their first few video card models were slow due to wrong chipset selection.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. As fast or a little faster goodoo a voodoo3 Or simply make your own cable. All Banshee cards can’t use the DIME function offered by AGP, hence they can’t use system memory for texturing if the texturing requires more than the local memory available on the card. This means that owners of slower processors will vooodoo decent performance from the Voodoo while higher end systems will be cheated out of a considerable amount as the Voodoo was never designed to take full advantage of the power of a Pentium II or an overclocked Celeron A.


The Voodoo2’s third chip was a second TMU that allows a second texture to be drawn during the same graphics engine pass, and thus with voodoo performance penalty. Later, these technologies were part of the Nvidia asset purchase in December In doing so, the company will address a weak point: Some boards with 8 MB can be upgraded to 12 MB with an additional daughter board.

October ’98 Video Accelerator Comparison

Will be useful to many people who stumble across it. The reason I highlight these points are that in many other video cards, their FAQ is far too simple to help in trouble and is almost never needed. This version fixed the PCI bus collisions and memory interface problems.

Those customers generally became Nvidia customers and no longer chose to bajshee 3dfx products.

Preview of 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee, S3 Savage3D and NVIDIA RIVA TNT –

Nvidia offered a limited time program under which 3dfx owners could trade in their cards for Nvidia cards of equal performance value. In August3dfx released the Voodoo Rush chipset, combining a Voodoo chip with a 2D chip that lay on the same circuit board, eliminating the need for a separate VGA card. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.


I’ll see if i can find something with a good explanation. This section possibly contains original research. It was a landmark and expensive achievement in PC 3D-graphics. This is due to the fact that some of the early AGP motherboards used a linear regulator to control the power supply to the AGP slot.

Sales of the Voodoo Rush cards were very poor, and the cards were discontinued within a year.

3dfx Interactive – Wikipedia

Only noticeable difference i saw was with the voodoo5: Wanting to fulfil the 2D and 3D market, they then modified the original Voodoo a bit and named it the Voodoo Rush that was tagged with another chipset vendor for 2D, which they used an Alliance Semiconductor’s chipset. The image quality of the Voodoo2 can be considered average by today’s standards, it isn’t the best, and at the same time it isn’t the worst.

The voodoo cards do not use most agp features so they can be more stable on these platforms. K 3 x MHz.

Creative 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee (2067401011) 16 MB PCI Graphics adapter

They do benefit from the higher busspeed so with very fast cpu’s there might be a difference. Might be useable for new people that want to use one. Very nice write up! This card is far less popular.